Lecture 7 - Scheduling

The material is subdivided in small videos.

Please, watch the videos and go through the reading material in your own time.

Also remember to work on the accompanying exercises sheet

Textbook is Doeppner, Thomas W., Operating Systems in Depth unless stated otherwise.

Warning: during the videos you will need to look through code. This means watching the videos may take significantly more time than their nominal time.

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Video Links Reading Material
Some definitions video (10min) pdf ppt N/A
FCFS, SJF, SRTF, Round Robin video (15min) pdf ppt Textbook 5.3.1 (page 193)
Threads and zombies video (14min) pdf ppt Textbook 4.1.3 (page 137)
MLFQ video (12min) pdf ppt Textbook (page 209)
Linux CFS* video (9min) pdf ppt Textbook (page 207)
Scheduling across multiple cores video (10min) pdf ppt Textbook (page 205)