Week 2 (OS Security)

The material is subdivided in small videos. Please, watch the videos and go through the reading material in your own time. Also remember to work on the accompanying exercises sheet

Video Links Reading Material
Introduction to OS Security video pdf ppt Saltzer, Jerome H., and Michael D. Schroeder. “The protection of information in computer systems.” Proceedings of the IEEE 63.9 (1975): 1278-1308. pdf
Reference Monitor video pdf ppt The Orange Book
LSM Framework video pdf ppt Morris, James, Stephen Smalley, and Greg Kroah-Hartman. “Linux security modules: General security support for the linux kernel.” USENIX Security Symposium. 2002. pdf
Host-based Intrusion Detection video pdf ppt Han, Xueyuan, et al. “Unicorn: Runtime provenance-based detector for advanced persistent threats.” NDDS. 2020. pdf video

Q&A Session