COMS20012: Computer Systems B (Introduction to Operating Systems and Security)

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Tuesday 14:00-17:00 Friday 9:00-10:00
Lab Session Q&A Session


Person Role Contact
Thomas Pasquier Unit Director
Sanjay Rawat Lecturer
Soo Yee Lim Head Teaching Assistant
Priyanka Badva Teaching Assistant
Josh Turner Teaching Assistant
Emil Centiu Teaching Assistant
Ruairi Fox Teaching Assistant
Stefan Pruna Teaching Assistant
Valentin Popescu Teaching Assistant


You may need help at different stages of this unit. The most effective way to get the help you need is to:

  1. Check unit website/handsout/slides.
  2. Ask your question on the Unit Teams Group.
  3. Contact the TA assigned to your lab group.
  4. Contact the head TA Soo Yee.
  5. Contact Sanjay or Thomas.

Course Structure

Every week, you are expected to watch the videos and do the exercise sheet before the Q&A session. Q&A sessions should be used to ask questions about the material seen in videos and the exercise sheets. The lab cover material seen in the previous week lecture (e.g. Lab 1 cover material from Week 1, Lab 2 from week 2 etc.). Questions about the lab should be asked during the lab sessions. Any part of this unit can be examined.

Week Lecture Lab Independent Work
13 (Feb 1) Lecture 1 - Software Security I No Lab Exercise Sheet
14 (Feb 8) Lecture 2 - Software Security II Lab 1 - Understanding Assembly Code Exercise Sheet
15 (Feb 15) Lecture 3 - Web Security Lab 2 - BoF/Format exploit Exercise Sheet
16 (Feb 22) Lecture 4 - Authentication Methods & Network Security Lab 3 - Web Security Exercise Sheet
17 (Mar 1) Reading Week Reading Week Reading Week
18 (Mar 8) Lecture 5 - Introduction to Operating Systems Lab 5 - Introduction to OS/161 Exercise Sheet
19 (Mar 15) Lecture 6 - Processes No Lab Exercise Sheet
20 (Mar 22) Lecture 7 - Scheduling Lab 6 - Synchronization Exercise Sheet
Break Easter Break Easter Break Easter Break
21 (Apr 19) Lecture 8 - Memory Management Lab 7a - System Calls and Processes Exercise Sheet
22 (Apr 26) Lecture 9 - File Systems Lab 7b - System Calls and Processes Exercise Sheet
23 (May 3) Lecture 10 - OS Security Lab 7c - System Calls and Processes Exercise Sheet
24 (May 10) Revision Week Padlet OS; Q&A OS Padlet Sec Revision Week Revision Week

Reading Material

As part of the unit, you will be referred to chapter in books to read. We give full reference bellow.

NOTE: The security book is available in eBook format from the library catalogue by running a quick author/title search. Imp: If you download a copy on your device then it takes one of the copies out of circulation for a time so I encourage you to read what you need online and then exit the book that would be great as that way it will move around the class better. Please get in touch with the library staff if access to the book is getting difficult.